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Moon Stone

Moonstones are elegant gemstones that hold the power to attain wealth of benefits to people of all age groups. People have to go through many hurdles in life regarding love, wealth and happiness. This is due to an unbalanced energies for both male and female which further hinders their relationships. The universe calls for a balance in harmony in both negative and positive principles of life. Moonstone helps in maintaining that balance in energies among the planets and people. If a woman is hostile and more disposed towards masculinity, moonstones can be extremely beneficial for her. Similarly, this gemstone is equally beneficial for men who have difficulty in getting connected with their feminine energies. Moonstone benefits an individual to meditate in order to connect with their deeper self and respect the feminine essence in them.

Moonstone affects our life in the most calming way. It infuses feelings of serenity to the wearer and as well as a sense of peacefulness. Also, it provides a feeling of power and strength to a person. This gemstone helps a person by generating Kundalini energies and supplying blood flow which further promotes love and affection in people.

Moonstones are believed to cure ailments such as psoriasis and hair loss because this stone is considered to be a feminine stone. It also helps in elevating pains related to menstruation and childbirth. By aiming at femininity, this stone helps to develop intuitive powers and kindness in people. The stone strengthens the feminine aspects in men by bringing a balance in their lives. It gives clarity to people who are found to be aimless or directionless, by helping them find peace within themselves. And it promotes fertility to the women. It is highly impactful for women who suffer the pain caused by menstruation and also aids in their reproductive health. A person with hormonal imbalance can be immensely benefited from this stone. It helps in stabilizing fluid imbalances in human body.

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Moonstone aids in sleep disturbances. It is advised to keep a moonstone underneath your pillow before sleeping. This calms and rejuvenates your mind from all the worries and restlessness. If you are someone who has frequent nosebleeds, a moonstone will promote body circulation and stop nosebleeds from further occurring. Moonstone has healing powers to help a person with anxiety or depression. It regulated endorphins and other happy hormones throughout your body.
People with Cancer ascendants can be highly benefited from moonstone because its moon properties are directly linked to the Cancer's ruling planet i.e jupiter.



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